Is your infinitely growing to do list causing more grief than relief?
Blow up your to do list, start fresh everyday and get stuff done.

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Your daily to do list blows up at the end of the day, you can look back to past days to see what got done 👇

Exploding To Do

☝️ Use backlogs to get ideas out of your head; your backlog is bomb-proof

Live in the present

Exploding To Do forces you to prioritize and focus on what’s important in the day to come. Setting a daily to do list makes you break down tasks into achievable chunks.

Plan ahead

Get ideas out of your head and into your backlog without clogging up today’s to do list.

Why Explode?

“If you commit to nothing, you’ll be distracted by everything.

Most to do list software is cumbersome. Tasks pile up and become these never-ending lists that make it harder to get stuff done. Even when you try to stay organized with tags, schedules, and colour coding, it’s a bit much.


Exploding To Do is dead simple. It’ll feel like writing out your tasks on a fresh page in a notebook, except it doesn’t kill trees, it lives on all your devices and it’ll give you clear insights into your productivity.


Exploding To Do will make you do the meaningful work first. Committing to only one day’s worth of tasks reduces decision fatigue and lets you focus on getting things done. Call it whatever you want, the Ivy Lee Method or Warren Buffet’s 25-5 rule, selective focus helps you be more productive.

Sound good?

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